Lagabiere: Tiki Sour Apricot and Blackberry Gose

Got a thirst? Time to quench it! This is an apricot and blackberry gose from @lagabiere, part of their Tiki Sour series (the other one being a delicious key lime beer which, admittedly, I liked better).

The slight saline hint in this offering balances nicely with the fruity tartness, and it is immensely refreshing. It’s difficult to pick apart the different fruits in the taste, and it all sort of blends together nicely. I will warn you though tha if you’ve never had a gose, it’s a very strange experience. It’s typically a beer made with coriander and salt (yes, salt) and usually has a low alcohol level. It’s meant to refresh you during periods of hot weather, and the saltiness is meant to keep you coming back for more. If saltiness in a beer deters you, don’t be too concerned as the fruited varieties tend to scale the salt back a bit.

I am not a fan of gose generally, but I enjoyed this (truthfully, I’ve yet to taste something bad from this brewery). It’s a bit of an acquired taste, but you may find you enjoy it a lot. Pick this one up if you want something new and interesting!

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