Review Policy

The Cyberbard is my way of giving back to authors for the hard work they put in to deliver to us hours upon hours of enjoyment. If you are an author who would like me to review your work, please do not hesitate to contact me via The Contact Me page above; please tell me about yourself and provide a description of the book you’d like me to review, and I will reply as soon as possible with my availability.

If I feel that the content of a book is in poor taste, or that I am unlikely to enjoy it, I reserve the right to decline an offer (I would prefer not to post a negative review, as that goes against the spirit of this endeavor).

Please keep in mind that while I am a fast reader, I am merely mortal; if I have not posted your review, then I am likely still working on the text and will get to it as soon as humanly possible.

Authors both new and established are welcome, as are both traditionally and self-published book! My only stipulation is that the text either 1) already be released or 2) have a confirmed upcoming release date.

I look forward to hearing from you!