Opening Salvo Week 4: Post-Apocalyptic

Hello again, faithful readers!

If you’re new to this series, I wanted to experiment/practice with writing openers for novels (with varying genres) based on an image prompt. I feel that the first line of a book is very important; it’s your chance to make a good first impression after all!

Last week’s challenge was to write the opening line to a science-fiction novel with the following cover:

Photo by Willy Arisky on

I didn’t receive any submissions, but here’s my interpretation:

“The day mankind solved the Human Proteome, everything changed.”

Simple, right? I like to think it’s fairly effective though… it begs the question of “what happened?” and would make me want to continue reading to see where this goes. Incidentally, for those curious about the Proteome, check out the following link.

If you have a submission you’d like to make, please leave a comment below!

This week, we’ll get into the more fringe genres of Speculative Fiction and try writing an opener for a Post-Apocalyptic novel. Here’s the cover we’ll have to work with:

Free Images - apocalypse

Make sure to leave a comment with your opening line! I really like this one, and I’m hoping we get some interesting submissions.

See you next week!


  1. How have I missed all these?

    Here goes:

    It’s easier to pretend Jacob came home that night, but like the other ninety nine percent of people lucky enough to be extinguished in the first moment of The Reach, I know the embers of my past have it better than the world I’m left to shepherd.


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