Opening Salvo Week 2: Horror

Happy Monday! I hope it was gentle to you.

Last week, I started this series in an attempt to get the creative juices flowing a little. Some of you may be aspiring writers, while others may simply enjoy the occasional intellectual exercise. Either way, it’s a fun little way to kill a few minutes after a long day.

Our last challenge was to write the opening line for an Urban Fantasy novel with the following cover:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pexels-photo-3695801.jpeg

I didn’t get much in the way of replies, but my buddy Wolvash took a pretty good crack at it:

“God closed his eyes, resigned to his fate, as the last vestiges of light from his once brilliant creation receded into the darkness.”

Very cool.

I’m assuming he interpreted the photo as being that of “God”, in that he (the model) is portrayed as somewhat mystical and divine, shrouded in darkness as he finally rests. I like it. If anyone wants to take a crack at writing the next couple of lines, please leave a comment below!

Here’s my submission: “Jake Perry, P.I., druid, mystic, faerie-blooded, apprentice to the dragon Madrigal, slayer of the demon Shardak, was having a pretty terrible case of the Mondays.”

I’m pretty sure that could have been arranged better, but my intent was to juxtapose the mythic and arcane with the horribly mundane. Again, if you have a suggestion in regards to adjusting the line, leave a comment!

This week, I’ll leave you with a Horror challenge. Same rules apply: create the opening line of a book whereby the following image is your cover:

wheel barrel, abandoned, wheel, old, barrel, scary, horror ...

I’ve intentionally given something more abstract to allow for variety in your responses! Please leave a comment with your submission, and get your friends in on it (it’s fun!). Once again, I’ll spread this around on Twitter too, and hopefully we’ll get some more submissions.

Have a great week!

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