Opening Salvo Week 1: Urban Fantasy

Happy Monday!

I’m trying something new… as it isn’t always feasible to have consistent book reviews (I’m a rather busy one-man-show), I thought I’d try my hand at some fun, (simple) interactive content.

A couple of days ago, I had a good laugh while browsing Twitter. Teresa Payne posted the following tweet.

Essentially, it’s a writing prompt whereby you are asked to provide a first sentence to a book based on a cover image. In the example above, there were some pretty funny responses… there were also some excellent pieces of writing craft submitted.

I thought it was a great exercise, so I’m going to try posting one every Monday for a while. I’m no professional writer, but it’s still fun to get the old mind working with stuff like this! If you’re a writer who finds this sort of thing helpful, so much the better. I’ll swap out the theme weekly for variety’s sake; this week we’ll try our hand at Urban Fantasy.

Here’s our prompt for this week:

Write the opening sentence to a book which has the following picture on the cover.

I’ll spread this around on Twitter as well (@thecyberbard), as I’d like to see what everyone can come up with.

Please leave a comment here with your submission, and I’ll go over them next week before tackling the new pic.

Have a great week!

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  1. God closed his eyes, resigned to his fate, as the last vestiges of light from his once brilliant creation receded into the darkness.


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