Simple Malt Brasseurs: Manguito

On my last beer run, I had the opportunity to pick up a Mango IPA from @simple_malt_brasseurs! I know, I know, clearly I have a “type” for these recent reviews… but give me a break, it’s Summer and a refreshing fruited beer is always welcome. Trust me, when the weather changes, I’ll transform into the Dark King and start downing stouts, dark ales, and porters like some sort of Malt Monster.

Simple Malt is one of those Quebec breweries that I feel doesn’t get the credit they deserve. They’re not “Dieu Du Ciel!” with their incredibly famous Peche Mortel, or Dunham with their wildly creative offerings; I put them in the same category as Microbrasserie Charlevoix: they consistently brew solid, not-too-flashy beers. They’re reliable, and that is not in any way a bad thing.

This particular beer is only 33 IBU, and yet I felt it was at a good level for an IPA (while it is about the same IBU as Save Peach, this one’s dryer aftertaste made the bitterness more pronounced). The mouthfeel was crisp, and the mango is present without being overpowering. There is very little residual sweetness, leaving you with a dry finish. All of this combined with its lower alcohol content (under 5%) suggests Simple Malt brewed this to go down easy, and they succeeded! It’s a well-balanced beer, perfect for a weekend party or for celebrating today’s Quebec National Holiday, St Jean Baptiste!

Bonne degustation!

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